The Family Beames

Born 1843, died 1930?

HENRY BLUNT BEAMES married Katherine Helen (MacDonald) around 1879. They had three children:

Thomas Henry - in Royal Engineers, bachelor, died 1917.
Elma Mary - Spinster, physiotherapist, lived with her mother in England and Belgium, died in 1973?
William Stanley - Born 1886 - clergyman of Church of England in Canada. Died 1982, in Penticton, B.C.




Little is known about Henry Blunt except what is available in John William's book, Memoirs of a Bengal Civilian. Basically, he went to Africa to make his fortune and lost everything. He then went to India where John got him a job in the Indian Postal Service.

His wife, Katherine Helen (MacDonald) was born ~1853 and died in 1945. She lived the last part of her life in Brussels, Belgium, with her daughter, Elma.

Marlborough college register, from 1843 to 1869 inclusive: Entrances in August, 1854.
Beames, Henry Blunt, son of the Rev. T. Beames, St. James's, Piccadilly, born November 24th, 1843 ; left Easter 1857. L. Sch. Uncovenanted service, Bengal

The India List and India Office List By Great Britain India Office, India Office, Great Britain
BEAMES, Henry Blunt, late Stamps and Stationery Dept, Bengal. Entered the service June, 1868, and served as dep. mag. and dep. collr. and inspr. of registrn. Offices ; apptd. supt. of stamps and stationery, Oct., 1896; retd., Dec., 1898.