fr001x.jpg Tuning up before the show. fr002x.jpg The harp is ready.
fr003x.jpg The stage is set for the show. fr005x.jpg Another view of the harp.
fr006x.jpg The bass violin lies waiting. fr008x.jpg Members of the orchestra warming up.
fr009x.jpg The strings check the music. fr010x.jpg The violins tune up.
fr012x.jpg Waiting for the conductor. fr013x.jpg Linda Houle as Marie and Joseph Chambrinho as Hans sing the opening chorus.
fr014x.jpg Members of the choir. fr015x.jpg Members of the choir.
fr016x.jpg Members of the choir. fr017x.jpg Members of the choir.
fr018x.jpg Linda and Joseph are the soloists singing "From the branches buds are springing.." from The Bartered Bride (Smetana) fr031v
Video clip
Mallory Smith and Andrew Greenwood sing a duet from the Pearl Fishers (Bizet).
fr033x.jpg Mallory Smith as Nadir sings "Au fond du Temple Saint..." fr034x.jpg Andrew Greenwood as Zurga sings "Au fond du Temple Saint..."
fr035x.jpg Andrew and Mallory sing their duet. fr036x.jpg Renee Bailey introduces "Un bel di..." from Madame Butterfly (Puccini).
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