Pictures from: 

"The Beggar Student"

By:Carl Millocker

Conducted By: Rotraud Lopp

Performed By the Dawson Creek Symphonette and Choir



Act 1

Act 1_01.JPG - Overture - Mrs. Lopp conducting
Act 1_02.JPG - Full stage Scene 1
Act 1_03.JPG - Peasants singing
Act 1_04.JPG - more peasants singing
Act 1_05.JPG - peasants finished singing
Act 1_06.JPG - Dimetrius looking for contraband
Act 1_07.JPG - Dimetrius holding contraband
Act 1_08.JPG - Peasants are reluctant to leave
Act 1_09.JPG - Soldiers
Act 1_10.JPG - Once he kissed her
Act 1_11.JPG - The Col. makes a request
Act 1_12.JPG - "I'm standard size"
Act 1_13.JPG - Keeping face
Act 1_14.JPG - Bankrupt aristocrats
Act 1_15.JPG - The prince has arrived
Act 1_16.JPG - The trap is set
Act 1_17.JPG - Love at first sight
Act 1_18.JPG - A hearty welcome

Act 2

Act2_01.JPG - The bride and family
Act2_02.JPG - The bride again
Act2_03.JPG - The ballet is anounced
Act2_04.JPG - Off to be married
Act2_05.JPG - Drink it up
Act2_07.JPG - More ballet
Act2_08.JPG - Revenge


Act 3

Act3_01.JPG - Gossip
Act3_02.JPG - The dirty rat
Act3_03.JPG - A new plot
Act3_04.JPG - Love birds
Act3_05.JPG - 200,000
Act3_06.JPG- - The puppet
Act3_07.JPG - Son in law
Act3_08.JPG - All will be well?
Act3_09.JPG - A grand duke?
Act3_10.JPG - Off with his head
Act3_11.JPG - Beggar, millionair, duke, count!
Act3_12.JPG - We surrender
Act3_14.JPG - Happily ever after
Act3_15.JPG - All is well
Act3_16.JPG - the end

Curtain Call

Bows 01.JPG - Matt
Bows 02.JPG - Iren
Bows 03.JPG - Steven
Bows 04.JPG - Mallory and Lorelei
Bows 05.JPG - Pamela
Bows 06.JPG - Ron and Pamela
Bows 07.JPG - The ballet
Bows 08.JPG - The soloists
Bows 09.JPG - Everybody
Bows 10.JPG - Everbody again
Bows 11.JPG -  The finaly



Friday Backstage - Before the Show.

Backstage 01.JPG - Karyn
Backstage 02.JPG - Judith and Iren
Backstage 03.JPG - Mike and Judy
Backstage 04.JPG - Frank's prison photo
Backstage 05.JPG - Tracey
Backstage 06.JPG - The boys Ken, Frank, and John
Backstage 07.JPG - Fredrick
Backstage 08.JPG - Ron
Backstage 09.JPG - Daniel
Backstage 10.JPG - The ladies
Backstage 11.JPG - Frank
Backstage 12.JPG - Abigail, Steven and Bev
Backstage 13.JPG - Mallory and Daughter
Backstage 14.JPG - Lorelei
Backstage 15.JPG - Pamela and Lorelei
Backstage 16.JPG - Steven

Saturday Backstage - before and during show.

Backstage 01.JPG - Tracey
Backstage 02.JPG - What really goes on back stage
Backstage 03.JPG - Pamela and Iren
Backstage 04.JPG - Steven
Backstage 05.JPG - Daniel
Backstage 06.JPG - Ron
Backstage 07.JPG - Matt, Steven, and Karyn
Backstage 08.JPG - Matt, Priscilla, and Steven
Backstage 09.JPG - The Prisoners are free!!!
Backstage 10.JPG - daughter dear I know I have to go to prison...
Backstage 11.JPG - Liz and Steven
Backstage 12.JPG - Pre show cheer
Backstage 13.JPG - Endless waiting
Backstage 14.JPG - Judy
Backstage 15.JPG - Carol
Backstage 16.JPG - Karyn
Backstage 17.JPG - Asa and Aino
Backstage 18.JPG - Lori and Tracey
Backstage 19.JPG - Lynne
Backstage 20.JPG - Priscilla, Leah, and Nora
Backstage 21.JPG - Pamela
Backstage 22.JPG - Nora, and Marta
Backstage 23.JPG - Kim, Casandra, and Erika
Backstage 24.JPG - Mrs. Lopp
Backstage 25.JPG - Priscilla
Backstage 26.JPG - Abigail
Backstage 27.JPG - Kelly and Casandra
Backstage 28.JPG - Leah, Inga, Gillian and Allison
Backstage 29.JPG - Genesse Pelster
Backstage 30.JPG - Judy
Backstage 31.JPG - Ken and Lynne

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