Radium May 5th to 12th 2007

In May we were lucky enought to be invited by good friends of our Dave and Shirley, to join them in Radium for a week so Dave and Dave could go golfing. We stayed in Daves brother Russ' and his wife Lorraines condo (Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!) and had perfect weather for the whole week!

This is only about half the photos so far... Have patience with me! I'm working on it!

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sunday still waiting 069
Dave waiting for the first tee time.
sunday morning breakfast 070
Breakfast time.
sunday morning 071
The veiw over the ninth hole of the Springs course from the window of the condo we stayed in.
by entrance 74
A waterfall on the grounds of the resort.
sheep by condo 076
Our neighbors at the resort.
trip to radium 077
One of our neighbors looking a little shaggy shedding that winter coat.
trip to radium 078
A couple more neighbors with the Springs golf course in the background.
chef dave  079
Dave lighting up the BBQ for hot dogs.
trip to radium 080
Dave and Kathy waiting for Dave to finish cooking.
sheep on the streets 081
Looking up the street in Radium at the busy traffic.
sheep on the streets  083
A couple of big horn sheep wandering through town.
trip to radium 122
The smallest of the group stps to eat.
sheep in the streets 120
The smallest of the group again.
sheep in the streets 121
And again.
entrance to the golf course 084
The entrance to the Radium Springs Course with the mountains behind.
columbia wetlands 085
Plaque dedicated to Ian David Jack mounted on a column overlooking the Columbia Wetlands.
columbia wetlands 087
View of the Columbia Wetlands from just up the hill from the town of Radium.
columbia wetlands 088
Another view of the wetalnds.
katherine in the big chair in  invermere  089
Kathy sitting tall in a REALLY big lawn chair outside a carpentry shop in Invermere.
katherine in the big chair in front of the wood working shop
Kathy on the REALLY big chair again.

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