Halloween 2005

Halloween 001
Kathy and Tanya all dressed up for Halloween and waiting for Trick-or-Treaters.
Halloween 002
Tanya and "Dr." Moeko.
Halloween 003
"Dr." Moeko puts on her scary face.
Halloween 004
The goblin in the garage, also known as Dave.
Halloween 009
Tanya starts going a little costume crazy, already preparing for next year...
Halloween 024
Tanya figures out the can-can skirt. (Note the Jester hat, can-can skirt, chinese dress and tails jacket.)
Halloween 025
The ugly dummy, the goblin from the garage, and "Dr." Moeko.
Halloween 026
A closer look at our grusome threesome.
Halloween 027
The yard with the coffin, signs and the monsters on the loose.
Halloween 1
Dave's coffin with bones bareley visible inside.

Quicktime Movie: Tanya Dancing

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