Dads 59th Birthday

April 21, 2009 was Dads 59th birthday, and he just happened to be in Edmonton waiting for a certain granddaughter who was taking her own sweet time to arrive.

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Going over gifts from Karen while on the phone with her.

More gifts.

Mom shows off her candied ginger.

Checking to make sure the box is actually empty.

Molson seems to like the paw balm Karen got him...

Dad watching the candles being lit on his cake, possibly with some trepidation.

Mom and Dave making sure there are actually 59 candles on the cake.

Molson monitoring the proceedings to make sure nobody burns his house down.

Lighting all 59 candles.

Wow, the cake made it to the table with all the candles still lit!

Dad gathering up enough hot air...

...and blow!

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