Christmas 2002

John and Joan went to Edmonton for Xmas. They stayed with Darrell and Colleen and had an awesome second Xmas with Katherine, Karen and Dave. Karen cooked Xmas dinner and it was great!

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01dargil.jpg Darrell and Jillian in front of the fireplace, preparing to open presents on Christmas morning. 02coljoan.jpg Colleen and Joan chatting in the front room waiting to open presents.
03gil.jpg Jillian is interrupted during an important long distance phone call from Santa... 04colgil.jpg Colleen and Jillian beginning to open presents.
05gilpresent.jpg Jillian begins to get the hang of destroying wrapping paper. 06dargilpres.jpg Darrell and Jillian open another present.
07giltrikebox.jpg Now it is time to open the big stuff! 08trikemech.jpg Without a glance at the instructions, Jillian begins to assemble her new trike.
09dadpower.jpg Once she has put it together, she has to take it out for a spin! Notice how she added the engine. 10round.jpg Round and round she goes. Stop? Not a chance!
11round.jpg And round.... and round she goes. 12xmas2.jpg Joan and John get their second Christmas at Katherine's.
13cardwall.jpg Katherine's wall of Xmas cards.
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