The Water and Scotch Tour

July 6-29, 2002

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Three weeks, 11 days on a Rose Narrowboat (the Rumba) doing the Warickshire Ring with a side trip to Banbury.
And then 7 days staying at Glenhead Cottage, between Keith and Huntly in Scotland.


Approximatly by day, but may be a little out of order.

Day 1: Heathrow to Great Missenden
Day 2: Great Missenden to Rugby via London
Day 3: Rugby to Napton
Day 4: Napton to Banbury
Day 5: Banbury
Day 6: Banbury back to Napton
Day 6: Birds
Day 7: Napton to Warwick
Day 8: Warwick to Birmingham
Day 9: Birmingham to Fazelly
Day 10: Fazelly to Coventry
Day 11: Coventry to near Stretton on Fosse
Day 12: Rugby to Edinburgh (what, no pics?)
Day 13: Edinburgh to Glenhead via Sterling
Day 14: Glenhead
Day 15: Elgin
Day 16: Cooperage, Castle, Distillery
Day 17: Loch Ness and Clava Cairns
Day 18: Cullen and Tartan Museum
Day 19: Edinburgh
Day 20: Homeward Bound!

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