Pachena Bay Oct. 1974

Pictures by John Beames

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pach01.jpg The campsite using the parents old tent. You can see the bay in the background, pach02.jpg Fungus growing on the trail, just to prove that it is a rain forest.
pach03.jpg Actually it could be the foot of a sasquatch with all those toes! pach04.jpg Water was running everywhere at the side of th trail even though there had been no rain for a couple of days.
pach05.jpg My wife rests by the side of the trail on a carefully cut chair. pach06.jpg Just before you reach Carmanah Point and the lighthouse, you pass a section of the coast line where sea lions love to climb out of the water and sun themselves.
pach07.jpg It is quite the colony. pach08.jpg Lots of barking going on.
pach09.jpg Resting in the sun. pach10.jpg In this pic, you can see a cable that is used to bring supplies ashore in decent weather.
pach11.jpg This small building houses the cables and necessary materials to bring supplies ashore and connect the cable to theship that delivers. Everything is winched up the cable. pach12.jpg Carmanah lighthouse was the end of the trail for me. The trail continues down the coast, but this is the furthest that I have reached.
pach14.jpg The lighthouses along this coast provide two services, the first to warn ships of the danger and the second is to provide a safe haven for shipwrecked mariners. pach15.jpg The keeper lives on site year round.
pach16.jpg There is radio connection and television reception to increase the tedium of the job. pach17.jpg The only source of electricity is a generator that runs on diesel fuel. All the fuel is delivered by boat.
pach18.jpg An uprooted tree stump along the trail. pach19.jpg Twisted growth among the trees.
pach20.jpg A pit by the trail. pach21.jpg Carving intials while taking a rest break.
pach22.jpg Pretty colors. pach23.jpg The trail to Carmanah Point and lighthouse.
pach24.jpg Joan and I \. pach26.jpg A cut log in the path.
pach27.jpg Looking back at the beach at Pachena Bay from the trail. pach28.jpg Looking across the beach as the tide is going out.
pach29.jpg Lone figure on the beach. pach30.jpg Rocks and beach.
pach31.jpg Rocks and sand. pach32.jpg Footprints across the beach.
pach33.jpg Walking the beach. pach34.jpg Looking at the start of the trail.
pach35.jpg Ripples in the sand.
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