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Panama Cruise October, 2023
Whirlwind Tour March 26, 2011
Rebuilding the Pond Aug. 1, 2010
Getting rooms ready for Cara May 26, 2009
Caras Debut Apr. 26, 2009
Kinsol Tretle before rebuild, now part of cycling trail. Feb. 5, 2008
Cowichan River Park Cycling Trail Jan. 27 2008
Pictures of Longbeach Jan. 19, 2008
Frank Novakowski and I go Fishing off Bamfiel Aug. 10 - 12, 2007
Now our house, bought from my Mother Jan. 21, 2006
Schwartners came over to open Gaddsgifts Jan. 21, 2006
Jobsons came over to open Gadd gifts Jan. 6, 2006
Katherine Marries Dave Aug. 23, 2004
Driving out west of Chetwynd May, 2004
Taking Shaigecs out to Monkman Falls July 7, 2004
Edmonton hail storm July 6, 2004
Longworths visit to Monkman Falls May 23, 2004
Cancun Trip at Christmas Jan. 2004
Rachel and Damien Wedded Aug 2, 2003
Sailing with Nanaimo Yacht Charters & Sailing School, Mar. 2003
Home of Tom and Mary Beames Mar. 2003
A visit to Wendy and Tess in P. G. Mar. 2003
Xmas in Edmonton with Darrell and Colleen and Kids. Dec. 2002
Prep for Xmas 15/11/02
Water and Scotch Toue July, 2002
Alicias Birth with family 7/2/02
Relations from England and Toronto. 7/2/02
The house that Rick built 7/2/02
John and Joan 25 years later. 7/1/02
Pooh Quilt by Karen and Katherine 6/11/02
Shaigec family visits Dason Creek 5/21/02
Karens Award Ceremony at Sheridan College 4/30/02
Karen's mask, 3/8/02
John's trip to Igloolik 3/30/02
North Dawson creek flood 9/2/01
Trip to Texada Island 7/29/01
Don and Breeze's Wedding 7/23/01
Spring on the Peace 7/23/01
Home Renovations, 7/23/01
Shaigec at home, 3/15/01
Peace Country Fall Colours, 7/23/98
Pachena Bay Outdoors Club Trips, Oct. 1974
Early Slides from Walter 1957~1962

Map to find the Beames mansion in Ladysmith when coming from the North:
Map from North to house

From the South.
Map from South to house

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