The updated pond.

The rebuilt ponds, Now deeper, wider and with a filtration system for the fish. Yes, there are goldfish - they have lasted more than a month so far!

The lower pond showing the two lilies in bloom.

Another angle on the ponds. Note the 'cone of silence' as the fountain in the upper pond and th waterfall to the lower pond.

Teh bricks for the steps up from the lower pond to the upper pond came from a chimney that was no longer needed. You can see the filter between the flower pots.

The upper pond. The two lillies in the upper pond are the ones that were there before the changes. They are both pink. Though no blooms have shown yet.

Another view of the top pond. Note the bucket and bricks in the bottom. The fountain is mounted on a large cinder block.

The fence at the nack is to keep the raccoons from using that side of the pond. Seems to be effective.

I am waiting for better weather to grow the grass. It has been too hot and dry lately.

You can see the path that the filtered water takes. The white piece is a one-way valve in the line. It keeps the water from siphoning back into the lower pond in case of problems.

Close-up of the water fall. The rubber is clipped to the sides of a piece of flue that bring the water out beyond the rocks. This arrangemnt stops leaking through the wall. The spikey strips before and behind the turtle at to prevent the raccoons from venturing out on the dam. Seems to work - haven't found the turtle on the bottom of the pond since I put them in.

Actually the color is more purple than red, but still pretty.

The two lilies were purchased this year. They are blooming madly now.