Reno's for Cara

Prepping studs for gyprock while Jamie and Dave look over the ceiling.

Johnny ties his shoe, Jamie lloks serious and the room gets donw

At least someone is working...

Johnny and Jamie chat while I work.

The tall and short of it. Dave and Jamie hold up sheets while I screw them in - the ladder is so I can reach the ceiling...

More gyprock...

The room is framed, rocked, electrified, heated, mudded, and Johnny lays the carpet. It is fun watching a professional!

Johnny cuts a piece of carpet.

I pretend to help and Johnny pretends he needs help.

Johnny let's me pretend again.

Dave and I in Cara's repainted room setting up her crib.

When in doubt, ignore the instructions.

Dave screws in a hanger.

Do ya think one leg will do it?