Arms of Beames

The >Arms of Carnarvon, granted to the wife of John Beames on 13th January 1835

Per chevron Vert and Argent, three eagles displayed counterchanged and at the honour point a sunburst Or.

That is:

The shield is divided into two by a line shaped like a chevron, point upwards: the top part of the shield is green and the lower part silver. On the shield are three spread eagles each coloured either green or silver so as to differ from its background. When three of the same kind are put on a shield it is usual for them to be put two above and one below and there is no need to say so. A different arrangement e.g., all three in a straight line, would have to he specified. The eagles all have red tongues and claws: that is customary and does not need to be mentioned. At the point on the shield called the honour point is a gold sunburst, that is a centre from which to shoot off rays alternately straight and curved. The straight rays represent heat and the curved ones light. It would still be a sunburst if the centre were a flat disc but it is usual to have a face and there is no need to specify it.

(per George Henry Garfield Tilling - July 2001)